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We solve local businesses’ most urging issues in sales & marketing, finance, and human resources to allow entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitious goals. Since 2018, Hatley has helped businesses in industries such as fashion, aviation, governments, technology, industrial, and many more.

Our mission is to provide professional research and consulting services to clients who have identified a need to enhance their information and knowledge base and seek prudent counsel and assistance from outside their organization. Our consulting services are provided in a manner that adheres to high standards of quality, to result in practical direction for the future operation of a clients' organization.

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Sales & Marketing Strategy

We could help you build your go-to-market strategy from a fresh perspective, devise a sustainable digital marketing plan, and build tools to analyze your return on marketing investment.

Human Resources

We will complement your executive team to establish key procedures to help you reduce HR problems. Our HR experience in small and multi-national organizations will guide you through your most challenging HR problem.

New Business Starter Kit

We are your trusted partner to help you reflect on your business model, assist you to build your business plan, and support you through the journey. Our partners in all strategic areas of specialties will be your coach in building the right business model for your offerings.

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