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Hatley Consultants Inc is an established market, public policy, and economic research consultancy that is regularly engaged to help organizations examine and address community development issues through market assessments, strategic and operational planning, and economic and financial evaluations. Our consultants are commissioned by community-based groups and government agencies to conduct research and public engagement and consultation processes and provide planning services on a variety of public sector related issues. HATLEY uses quantitative and qualitative data gathering techniques to understand stakeholder and citizen needs and expectations, identify relationships and consistencies among opinions, and find ways to facilitate collaboration and cooperation among interested groups on planning issues. These processes are supported by research and planning initiatives that provide effective evaluation of market opportunities, operational organization and requirements and financial and economic analysis.

Essentially, our services enable clients to:

  • Identify new opportunities
  • Determine new product and service potential
  • Develop their knowledge base
  • Organize efficiently and effectively
  • Plan to meet new challenges
  • Take action

Since 2018, Hatley Consultants Inc has provided clients with the highest level of professional service. To maintain this level of service, we ensure that our clients receive:

  • The highest quality in service and advice
  • Advice and recommendations that are practical enabling clients to meet future challenges
  • Innovative solutions
  • The opportunity to be involved and kept current on each phase of our engagements.
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Our Services

  • Public engagement and consultation
  • Needs and preferences studies
  • Performance measurement
  • Policy/program evaluation and development
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Economic planning and analysis
  • Organizational development

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